Intel Shows Off Ray Tracing In Wolfenstein

Intel's Daniel Pohl once again delivers exciting new prospects about real time ray tracing on regular CPUs, this time with another id Software title.

Daniel has already brought several ray traced versions of popular games, including Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, running on Intel's "Nehalem" based servers, last year. The frame rate wasn't great but it provided a glimpse of things to come.

Today's demo is slightly different. Daniel shows off the game running on a laptop but it is actually being rendered on another machine, four of them, and then sent back to the laptop. The four servers seem to be running at least one 50 core Intel processor(part of Intel's many core research effort), so you're looking at 200 cores clocked in the GHz range to provide this kind of computational power:

Some parts of the demo run at a very good frame rate(~80fps) and other parts are half of it, especially because they are ridiculously detailed. For a better look at actual screen shots, I leave you with this show case:

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