Ubuntu flavored XPS M1330 reaches the US - Priced just right

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After a rather strange pricing strategy by Dell in Europe, the United States have now also received Ubuntu as an option for the XPS M1330.
The offer is limited to a single color, Tuxedo Black, which hopefully won't be a problem when the offer matures.

The price is just right this time around - it's priced $45 cheaper than the Vista option.
While some people may argue that the price could be brought further down, the fact is that this is a good discount for people who would probably never use Windows anyway. Also, now you have the option of buying the more "sensible" retail version, which won't get legally stuck with the same computer if you decide to upgrade later.

Meanwhile, the situation in Europe has indeed evolved and the price difference is now of £50, considerably bigger than in the US. Take a look at the Ubuntu and Windows customization pages.
The only visible difference, for now, is that the Vista version packs the fingerprint reader for free while it is not available as an option with Ubuntu. It is due probably to the lack of drivers for Ubuntu and is something that most people won't miss either.

The new pricing allows for both customer savings and probably also some small gains for Dell or, at least, to help pay for R&D.
Kudos for Dell Europe for bringing the price down, to the deserved spot.

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